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2022 Kitchen Countertop Trends

Remodeling is one of the best methods to increase the value of your home and feel better in a new innovative, and modern household. Although some parts of your home might need more work, in any case, you will need to plan the whole thing properly. Whether you live in a smaller rented apartment or your own spacious home, you might want to think about upgrading your kitchen. It’s the place where you prepare your meals, spend time with your family, and these days some even set up their work office there. In most cases, the kitchen should be remodeled more frequently than other parts of the household. The kitchen countertop is one of the essential parts of the kitchen area while being the mere foundation of kitchen decor.

Countertops set the tone and should be in the mere center of the whole kitchen renovation idea. However, trends change almost daily. So, it might be hard for you to follow up, especially when you’re flooded with work. That’s why we made a list of the latest kitchen countertops trends you can check below.


It seems that quartz is a timeless trend, and the latest idea revolves around quartz countertops with gray movement. Since quartz is here to stay, we strongly advise you to think about this renovation idea. Why quartz? Well, quartz is a great high-end alternative to granite. With quartz, you won’t need to spend much money to achieve that wow exclusive effect. Although granite is considered the “it” when it comes to styling the kitchen, it has many downsides. That includes being very expensive, easy staining, and an excellent base for breeding hazardous bacteria. On the other hand, quartz is non-porous, and you won’t have to go thru regular and needed resealing.

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Quartz is highly resistant when it comes to staining and represents one of the most hygienic countertops materials. Furthermore, it’s super durable, and when all of the mentioned pros add up, you can see why quartz is one of the best countertop remodeling options.

Polished Vs. Honed

The latest design movement revolves around more tactile and textured surfaces. Surfaces that can create one of the trendiest designs when combined with contrasting colors. For example, a white kitchen with black accents.

We recommend checking out leather and honed surfaces in which different materials can be used, such as marble, quartz, and granite.

Although polished is the most popular trend, there are a couple of advantages related to going for honed surfaces. What does honed finish represent?

We recommend checking out honed finishes with marble since little to no shine will hide any flaws or scratches. A honed finish is best explained as a matte finish with little or even no shine. However, the overall look will definitely vary and solely depend on the stone material (stone type). But, if done correctly, it should have a smooth and a low shine look.

However, when it comes to the latest trends, the leather finish seems to be one of the most modern kitchen countertop trends. It has a very soft sheen that is way less glossy when compared to a polished slab, while the touch has a very different feel. If you opt for a leather finish, it will retain the stone’s natural-toned color and give it a very luxurious and sophisticated look, especially when compared to honed. Another great benefit of choosing a leather finish is that it hides fingerprints and possible water spots. That makes the leather finish very appealing for many.
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Another innovative and practical trend when it comes to kitchen countertops is countertops with “character,” where patterns and veining are very popular. Silk-like and smooth veining brings both style and character. These days, homeowners want more character, and today’s technology supports the idea. Countertops come in all sorts of styles, and designs, unlike the basic plain styles of the past years. Materials such as the aforementioned quartz can be made to resemble slabs of marble, granite, and natural stones. You can create various veins in truly interesting patterns that can boost your creativity. If you want to go for something more realistic, avoid polish, honed, or leather finish countertops; maybe patterns with character can add more texture and color to your kitchen.

More Drama

A bold and dramatic styled kitchen can be used to create a beautiful contrast. Think black countertops in contrast to light cabinets. Dramatic and bold countertops, especially when talking about darker cabinets, can have a multifunctional look that can easily seem harmonious on some occasions or even gothic on others. Going for bolder looks is great if you want to make a statement while renovating your home and bold colored cabinets are one of our primary choices to create that wow effect. The style isn’t only for contemporary areas. You’d be surprised that dramatic and bold colors work well even with conventional kitchens.
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Sustainable Materials

How about going for environment-friendly and sustainable materials like countertops made out of broken glass. Besides being sustainable, it seems to be one of the uprising kitchen countertop trends. While choosing to follow up on this trend is a great way of feeling more giving to nature and reduces your carbon footprint, it can look very on edge and stylish. It seems that younger folks tend to go for similar styled kitchens. But, that isn’t the overall rule. Anyone who likes more modern and innovative kitchen renovation solutions can give it a try.

Hire Professionals

Although you could have a dilemma for a kitchen remodel – DIY or hire a pro, we strongly recommend considering hiring a professional kitchen renovation service to help, especially if you have no prior experience on the subject. A DIY kitchen remodel is one of the biggest kitchen remodeling myths, so professionals will certainly help you avoid making a mistake. You can check out online reviews, take recommendations from friends and family, or even work with locals. In any case, make sure to hire an experienced and reliable company that accentuates your needs.


Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed our article and found out some great kitchen countertop renovation ideas.