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Best Kitchen Paint Colors For 2022

Are you planning to repaint your kitchen this year, or looking for colors for your brand new kitchen? This year’s trends bring some unexpected colors to the table, and we love it. Playing with colors in the kitchen has never been easier and more enjoyable. Whether you prefer green, yellow, or deep blue, they will make your kitchen inviting, warm, and relaxing.

Let us see what are the best kitchen paint colors for 2022.

2022 Best Kitchen Paint Colors


Deep blue is trendy in 2022

it will remain to be trendy for years to come. A deep blue color reduces stress and rests the eye. The kitchen is a place where the family gathers around, eats, talks, giggles, and shares the most important part of their day. Hence, it is important that people can relax even by simply looking at the painted walls or cabinets. When choosing deep blue for your kitchen walls, cabinets, or an island, choose subtle colors for flooring and ceiling. This is because colors should not compete with each other, but rather complement and accentuate one another.

White paint is spot-on this year

If you are not a fan of classic white color but prefer something warmer for your kitchen, then creamy white paint is the right color for your kitchen walls or cabinets. Creamy white fits perfectly in modern kitchens, but also the traditional ones. Most importantly, the color looks amazing and relaxing both in natural light and in artificial light during the evening. Creamy white can also be used for cabinets and kitchen islands. It goes wonderfully with the appliances of stainless steel, as it looks completely natural. This is a color that will never go out of style, it is calming, and beautiful, and we are certain that you will love it for years to come.

Creamy white kitchen paint

Peach paint color brings in the warmth

Peach paint is warm, it instantly enlivens the space, and rests the eye.

The light peach color is a perfect choice for the walls if your cabinets are in grey color for example. Furthermore, this color looks amazing in combination with green mint. Green mint cabinets, metro tiles, and a light peach color for the walls will create an amazing symphony of colors that you will adore. If you love copper then you would be pleased to learn that peach and copper are a match made in heaven. You can use copper for the worktop and for taps, as well as for the chandeliers.


Green has been trendy for a while, and it will continue so in the future. With so many shades of green, you can achieve any look that you want in your kitchen. From mint green to deep green, kitchens look wonderful and fresh.

The green color creates a sense of luxury in the kitchen, whether you apply it to the walls or cabinets. Color of nature, the most delicious and healthiest food, and revival are one of the best choices you can make in your kitchen. It is for a good reason that more and more people choose a shade of green when renovating their kitchens. This color reduces stress and relaxes the eye, as well as the mind. It creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere the whole family will want to enjoy.

Pastel colors are trendy this year

Using pastel colors in the kitchen is trending this year. Light blue, green, or yellow can visually enlarge a smaller kitchen, but also works very well in larger kitchens as well. If you choose to implement pastel colors in your kitchen, you should consider accentuating one wall of the kitchen with a different shade of the color that you will use for the rest of the walls.

Pastel colors in the kitchen are a proven way to add a personal touch to the interior, as you can play with the colors and create your dream kitchen .


Pastel kitchen paint color


This rich color will make your kitchen inviting and warm in a blink of an eye. Whether you prefer creamy or pale yellow, to bold yellow, this is a fantastic color paint to use in your kitchen. With yellow, you can choose to
paint all of your walls in this color, or simply accentuate a couple of cabinets, an island, or one side of the wall.

It will draw focus to that part of the kitchen, add drama to it, and become a focal part of the room. Yellow also goes wonderfully with wooden elements, and the entire room will look natural, relaxing, and inviting. After all, these are the most important features of a kitchen, as families and friends tend to gather in them and spend plenty of time here during the day.


This year, you don`t have to choose a single paint color for your kitchen. Rather you can enjoy the duality of space by introducing two main colors. Are you ready to dismiss the traditional notion that all cabinets and walls should be painted in a single color?

This decision will not be too hard, because two-toned kitchens have such beauty, depth, and uniqueness that you will only wonder why you haven`t done it sooner.


A two-tone kitchen


You can play with colors and use deeper, darker ones for the lower part of the kitchen, and brighter colors for the upper part. This means that you can mix a deep blue with creamy white, for example. Or
a light peach with deep green. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that it will look marvelous.

Hire professionals to make your dream come true

Repainting kitchen walls or cabinets requires precision and skills. Since we spend most of our time in this room, it is important that the paint is applied nearly perfectly. So, if you wonder what’s best for your
kitchen remodel, DIY, or hire a pro,  we suggest hiring pros. A professional, Kitchen redesign Austin
service can help you choose the right color shade for your kitchen, as they know what colors will look good on the light your kitchen has or lacks. Our recommendation is that you hire a professional
full home renovation service to have your kitchen painted in the best possible way, without you
having to worry about technicalities.