Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 2021

You might think it’s hard to redesign a small bathroom, but you would be surprised how little goes a very long way. There are plenty of reasons to remodel your bathroom. But, a small-bathroom remodel may require a bit different approach. Contrary to popular belief, small bathrooms don’t mean you have to skimp on space, style, or functionality. There are numerous options for small bathroom remodel. You can make the most out of your bathroom, including even installing a bathtub; yes, you heard that right, it’s possible to put a bathtub in your small-sized bathroom.   Although some might argue that it is impossible to style your bathroom in a colorful and innovative design because it’s small, we’re happy to inform you that it’s completely realistic to have a stylish bathroom, even if it’s small. So if you are wondering how to make the most out of your small bathroom and design it as trendy as possible, consider reading our article on small bathroom remodel ideas. If you need to do a small bathroom remodeling and want to make it look bigger, a couple of innovative tips will help. Also, you won’t need to do a full bathroom remodel.  

Renovation ideas for Small Bathrooms


1. Light



Lighting plays a crucial part in how the space is perceived. However, it’s perfectly okay to choose any color you like, but if you want to make the space bigger, go for lighter shades.  

Add Skylight

You should bring as much natural light to your bathroom as possible, which can be done by adding a skylight, which is a great way to add lighting. In combination with lighter shades, like white, grey, or pink tiles, a skylight is one of the best ways to lighten up the space.  


Using mirrors is another great way to make your bathroom bigger because mirrors reflect light, creating the illusion that the room is bigger.  


Parsons project


2. Curtains


Avoid Curtains or Not?


Avoid curtains and install a glass shower door because a shower curtain makes the space look smaller, stopping the light from flooding the room. Keep in mind a lot depends on the window location. Although we strongly advise you to avoid curtains, floor-to-ceiling shower curtains will make the room look higher, which can make a big difference if you want to work with the height.


3. Tiles


Besides combining lighter colors of the flooring, walls, and tiles in your bathroom, we recommend going vertical. What does this mean? Vertical tiles are a great way to create a more spacious look. Besides vertical tiles, you can use higher places in your bathroom to store various items. Although we mentioned earlier that it would be wise to choose lighter tile shades, don’t hesitate if you want to put darker tiles in your bathroom cause in the right combination, they can work wonders.



JJ Project


4. Declutter


Although decluttering might seem like a plain idea to grant your bathroom some extra space, it truly can do wonders. Adding too many decor items or bath and cosmetic products can make your bathroom look tiny. Don’t hesitate and get rid of any unnecessary items. Another great way to declutter your bathroom but save your items is to install various appliances or even shower niches.


5. Different Cabinets


This tip is used to prolong the height of the room and refers to getting high cabinets, which will clear up the walking space in your bathroom.


6. Use the Space


While designing the bathroom, most people forget about the space above the toilet, which can be highly beneficial. However, it’s a perfect place for you to add some storage by, for example, adding shelves that are both practical and beautiful. Another way to add to the space of your apartment is to use the corners and try to experiment.


7. Colorful


Small but colorful bathrooms are a great way to make the room seem bigger by creating a new, refreshed personality and changing up the atmosphere. Also, don’t hesitate with combining colors, as long as you explore all available options or even consider hiring a designer for help. Monochrome small bathrooms can look amazing just make sure to match the tile work.


8. A Slanted Roof


There is no need to worry if you have a small bathroom but a slanted roof. A slanted roof can go a long way in improving the spacious aspect of your bathroom as long as you’re creative with your space.


A Bathroom With A Slanted Roof


9. Consider Hiring Help


Going DIY when it comes to your bathroom renovation can go a long way, especially if you have already made some adjustments in your home by yourself. However, if this is your first time tackling a renovation, especially regarding your bathroom and how to make it look bigger and better, we recommend getting professional help. Keep in mind that although this might seem like a costly option, getting yourself mixed up with wrong decisions can result in severe damage to the shape and aesthetics of your bathroom. It’s better to be safe than sorry as long as you hire a reliable company to help you with renovation.


10. Double-Check


It’s important to double-check the company you plan on hiring before you start your bathroom remodel project. If you aren’t sure where to get informed on the best designers and contractors nearby, feel free to use the internet and explore all the available options before making the final decision. In any case, just make sure you’re hiring a reputable Austin design and build company, that accentuates the client’s needs and has more than enough experience on the subject.