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Ido and Roi owners

Ido & Roi


Together Design and Build will make your dream become a reality. Being personally hands-on is the most valuable leadership we can offer to our customers and employees. We both started wanting to change families lives in our own way by having a desire to shape and create a unique design for your home. The company’s purpose is to showcase innovative renovation at your side, keeping in mind the client’s contentment and best approval, ensuring quality, safety and solid foundations for your home. The company delivers the slogan, “are you ready to love your home?” with pride because these people are not just your project managers, they are your partners in restoring your life one beam at a time. Our crew plus your dream creates phenomenal results. Construction is more than a business. It is who we are.

Avi - Project Manager


Project Manager

For us Together Design & Build construction work provides us with pleasure, it is really blissful experience to give life to someone’s dream. Meet Avi one of our Project Manager who is thorough and always very careful on his work. Avi is behind every great construction and remodeling project. Passionate, results-driven who are destined to construct your dream.

Shaked - Project Manager


Project Manager

Are you lost through the process and don’t know where to begin? Meet Shaked, a dedicate project manager that will lead you for your perfect remodel. As we understand in construction things might happen through the process, but we believe that a strong communication between parties can help to navigate the project to the right direction, anything you need or want Shaked will always like to help!

Guy - Project Manager


Project Manager

Together Design & Build believe that each project has its own journey, and like with any adventure there are obstacles that we are here to resolve.
meet your Project manager Guy, a full-service guidance’s throughout the process to provide maximum piece of mind to your remodel! He analyze the needs and strategies for better outcomes, while building strong connection to achieve customer satisfaction.

Jesse Project Manager


Project Manager

He constructs with attention to the little details that make a big difference in people’s lives. Meet Jesse a professional and knowledgeable Project Manager that will help you build the home where your memories live. Offers excellent customer service and make sure he met the needs of every customer in a manner that reflects positively on the company.

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