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Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

The kitchen is among the most critical areas of your household, especially since it’s where the whole family resides and the very center of parties. Therefore, we recommend following the latest trends when it comes to your kitchen remodel. So, if you are wondering what the latest kitchen design trends in 2021 are, please read the following article.



Concealed kitchens are among the most popular designing innovations, especially regarding smaller kitchen spaces. Designing your kitchen openly while covering it will grant you a more spacious look.

Why is this trend so popular?

Well, it combines entertainment, cooking, dining, and even relaxing in only one room.

Besides, opting out for a smaller kitchen will allow you to invest more space into other rooms in the house- for instance, a bigger living room or bedroom. This design is also very flexible, and the cooking space is almost invisible with covered doors. The most innovative versions offer doors that are opened by sensors.

Combining Materials


You can choose to combine different materials to create a trendy and unique kitchen look. Although some parts of the kitchen might need to be (appliances or cabinetry) standardized, you can opt-out to use various materials in other regions. For instance, the best example is a standardized sink area combined with sturdy shelves. Also, geometric designs work great here, especially for the sitting area. Additionally, choose one of the multiple decors for the walls.

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Combining Materials When Designing a Kitchen

Go, Marble


Marble will never go out of style; hence, the marble style is ranked third on this list. It’s prevalent for luxurious styling as it creates an elegant and stylish look. Kitchen designers tend to prioritize marble styling when it comes to innovative kitchen trends. It definitely grants you a high-end-looking kitchen creating a brilliant contrast to furniture, primarily wooden and metal pieces. Polished surfaces are among the first choices regarding marble kitchen decor.

So, if you are into stylish and high-end kitchen designs, go marble!



Wooden kitchen styling is among the long-lasting design trends for the last decades. Since it’s a purely natural style, it creates a peaceful atmosphere while being quite elegant and sophisticated effect.

However, it was out of fashion for a couple of years, but it’s slowly becoming more and more popular throughout the years.  You can choose between two options, including opting out for wooden finishes or wooden furniture. The most popular finishing types are oak, ash, walnut, etc. You can even use them for kitchen cabinets.

Color Contrast


For braver designers, combining tremendous color contrasts is a viral trend. It mainly revolves around choosing opposite shades ( for instance, yellow and blue) to create an incredibly bold contrast. However, we must state that hiring a designer to enforce this specific trend will cost you big bucks.

White Contrast


Since we are already talking about contrast, we must mention mid-century designs that accentuate white contrast combined with softer (richer) timbers and melodious curving. This look is often described as simple with thoughtful details. Choose walnut for the design of cabinets, although some might argue that white cabinets are a better choice.

You can even try with some marble splashes that create sort of an illusion of a larger kitchen.



Dark is often perceived as a dramatic color, while some even describe it as ancient. A dark, dramatic look primarily includes dark walls, black or darkish surfaces, and even black cabinets. The dramatic dark design trend is becoming widespread because it blends style, elegance, and luxury. Most innovative designer entrepreneurs tend to combine the dark look with wooden floors adding a traditional and rustic atmosphere to it.



Walnut cabinetry has experienced a significant rise in popularity over the years because of its warm, rich color and fine texture. Most clients tend to describe it as a very luxurious setting. It’s also very sustainable and easy to clean. So, if you are into this kind of decor, go for all walnut.



Minimalistic kitchens are unique because they feature effectiveness and additional storage space while being very practical. This style is mostly used in smaller kitchen areas since it keeps the kitchen counter clean while focusing on extra storage space. Also, it includes corner ( or even tower) larders that grant additional space. If you would like to obtain more space, minimalistic kitchens are a clever choice.



Golden designs simply never go out of style. There is a wide range of shades available depending on your own preferences. If you are going for a golden design, think golden finished and sinks. Additionally, golden designs are not that expensive in comparison to similar styles. Most designers here focus on the sinks as they are the very center of the kitchen. Don’t worry; this model is still functional while making a stylish statement.

More Metal


You can never go wrong with a metal kitchen setting since it’s both eye-pleasing and practical in terms of integrity. Instead of choosing a metallic finish spray, try going for a whole metal look. Keep in mind that not all kitchens are suited for a metal design; therefore, try counseling with a certified designer on the subject.

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Metal Elements in Kitchen Design

Choosing the Right Style


Before you decide on the final design, make sure to check out all the available options that are affordable, effective, stylish, and practical. In any case, there are plenty of options to choose from. Be careful, as the style of your choice will significantly impact the look of the whole house. Not all styles are suited for every kitchen space. Take into consideration the dimension and structure of your kitchen before deciding.

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Designing a Kitchen

Hire Professionals


If you are new to kitchen designing, it would be best to hire a professional designer to help. There are numerous designers out there, so ask family and friends for suggestions, and only hire a certified company with good customer reviews. In any case, best of luck in designing your brand new kitchen. Enjoy!