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Ido & Roi - Owners

Together Design and Build will make your dream become a reality. Being personally hands-on is the most valuable leadership we can offer to our customers and employees. We both started wanting to change families lives in our own way by having a desire to shape and create a unique design for your home. The company’s purpose is to showcase innovative renovation at your side, keeping in mind the client’s contentment and best approval, ensuring quality, safety and solid foundations for your home. The company delivers the slogan, “are you ready to love your home?” with pride because these people are not just your project managers, they are your partners in restoring your life one beam at a time. Our crew plus your dream creates phenomenal results. Construction is more than a business. It is who we are.


Project Manager

With his passion on transforming your visions into reality he proves that he is invaluable asset of the company. Meet Project Manager Avri, he knows projects often encounter unexpected challenges, but with his flexibility he always able to identify issues, come up with practical solutions, and adapt plans as needed to keep the project on track and move forward. With his hard work and commitment to excellence he  ensure that the project not only met but exceeded expectations.


Project Manager

There’s one principle that guides him above all else – customer service. Your satisfaction is his compass. On 2013 Brooklyn NY, Sahar started as a demolition crew member, with his determination, passion and expertise he gradually got promoted to be a Professional Project Manager. With a decade of experience with Residential, Commercial and Insurance related works he will guide you through your journey on making your dream home into reality.


Project Manager

With his sufficient experience spanning several years, Sergey’s expertise and knowledge stand out in every project he takes. Meet Sergey, his persistence, transparent process and determination become his foundation of his success. His commitment to detail extends beyond the every aspects and make sure to transform you home space into an oasis of comfort, style, and reflection.


Project Manager

Together Design & Build believe that each project has its own journey. Meet your Project manager Guy, with 8 years of hands-on experience he can help you with full-service guidance’s throughout the process to provide maximum piece of mind to your remodel! He analyze the needs and strategies for better outcomes, while building strong connection to achieve customer satisfaction.


Project Manager

He constructs with attention to the little details that make a big difference in people’s lives. Meet Jesse, a professional and knowledgeable Project Manager that will help you build the home where your memories live. He offers excellent customer service, make sure he met the needs of every customer in a manner that reflects positively on the company and even exceeds customers expectation.


Project Manager

Shay’s greatest values are integrity and efficiency. He is passionate about creating spaces both beautiful and functional, unique and innovative, always with his clients in mind.
Starting his career in Los Angeles, Shay has been designing and remodeling spaces for the past 6 years. With an emphasis in residential project management, he will ensure you love the results and enjoy your experience.


Field Manager

Demetria is an essential part of our company with proven organization and efficiency. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Santa Barbara and comes from a family background in construction. Her passion for remodeling shines through in her work, and clients trust her to deliver top-notch results. Projects run smoothly and inspiration flows freely whenever she’s onboard with our project. Be ready to be impressed by her expertise and dedication.


Field Manager

Antonio’s journey in this field began humbly, starting as a demo guy on restoration projects. Being hands-on with every project and a thirst for knowledge, he quickly progressed, immersed in every aspect. He approached each task with dedication and a keen eye for detail. One of his strengths lies in client interaction. He understand the importance of clear communication, he provides daily updates, addressing concerns promptly, and anticipating client needs, he ensure that expectations are not only met but exceeded.